• Bircaninova 27, Belgrade, Serbia
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About Institute

Critical materials
for decarbonized economy

The Raw Materials Institute is an Serbia based organization for critical materials companies and professionals focused on key materials components for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry based on calcium carbonate. Institute is also focused on new wave economy materials and sectors for battery and technology materials, defense metals, and ESG technologies in the EV market. Offering a wide range of B2B service solutions, the Raw Materials Institute hosts expert panel events designed for education, collaboration, and service solutions that address raw materials challenges for a decarbonised economy.


Raw Materials

Enable sustainable supply


Comprehensive Approach

Develop industry application for national economy

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Institute Strategy

Engineering Materials

Materials Application

We aim to develop new approach in bridging the gap between science and economy.

  • Enhancing geoscience information exchange
  • Growing domestic processing
  • Investing in innovation, R&D
  • Building local economic development opportunities

Support across 10+ industries

  • Raw Materials Institute
100+ experts
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Bircaninova 27, Belgrade, Serbia

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